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Elevators Elevators

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I really like your way of animating, it was cool. Though Chainsawmurderer53 said there was no clear storyline i think the fact that you are very original makes up for it. I have never thought of walking elevators that go to a temple with humans with one red eye. Keep up the good work. Try with a clearer storyline( let everything else be the same though) and the next time i review you i promise you i'll give you 5/5 and 10/10. I would love to know how you made the music...and i hope you get a good grade in cinema arts. :D

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Chrome-Demon responds:

Okay, I'm going to make sure my next movie is much clearer in its storytelling! :D

Thank you so much for liking the originality though, I wasn't sure if I had gotten it from somewhere or not. I really liked that movie the Iron Giant, and I wanted to make the Elevators like the Iron Giant but it just didn't turn out that way due to my time limit. The Iron Giant just had a lot of emotion and you could sympathize with it because it was so human, and had I had more time I would hope I could have breathed a little life into my little metal creations.

Also thanks for wishing me a good grade, I hope I get a good one too!

Thanks for your thoughtful words, I hope to improve my storytelling next time! ^-^

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Symphony of Dreams Symphony of Dreams

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Best

This is the best piece on newgrounds ever. I would love to hear some more stuff like this. How did you make it though?

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Semaphore responds:

oh you can maybe you would listen to "Tranquil Universe" =)

how I make it?

1st did it with my soul and 2nd with FLstudio ;)

Thank you very much TechnoBeans